Philanthropy is our driving force!

Our Projects

Go(Red) – Give to Save :

GORED Action Foundation promotes blood donation under the banner of ‘Give to Save’. Our key focus is educational institutions such as colleges and universities as we would like to inculcate this as learnt behaviour among students. We partner with Government hospitals so that the donated (Red) blood is provided to the neediest whose access to health systems is limited. We are intending to create ‘Red Champions’ who can inspire others to donate blood.

Swasth Gaon (Healthy Villages) :

GORED Action Foundation trusts that, ‘Health is Wealth’. Over the years we have been conducting health camps in villages. We are grateful to the generosity of volunteers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and hospitals who are instrumental in partnering with us to promote Healthy lifestyle in these villages. We will continue to undertake this initiative with a possibility to expand in the coming months and years so that, we can reach to many more villages.

Prerana (InSpire) :

Inculcating Societal and Personal values through Rural Education (InSpire) is an initiative of GORED Action Foundation with a view to take primary and secondary students Back to Basics (B2B) in the villages. They are able to understand, appreciate the value of Mother’s Earth and protect our environment whilst climate change and its impact have been significant on this generation than ever before.

Whilst this initiative is led by women in the villages which offer further inspiration for the students in valuing and respecting women contribution to the community, this will also provide an example of ‘One Village’ concept. We link InSpire theme with all flavours of village life from farming to fisheries; fun with animals; village governance systems to village education; village health to holistic village development.

Mera Parivar (My Family) :

‘Children Access Centre’ will be a new initiative of GORED Action Foundation. Whilst divorce rate in India is in par with marriage rate, scores of children are getting affected as a result of parental separation / parental alienation and separation is acrimonious.

Children caught in this ceasefire are having multiple affects on their holistic (physical, emotional, mental and social) development. In order to reduce such impact on these children of separated parents, GORED work with Judiciary, parents, their families and children so that, we can bring them all together. We will ensure that, children’s right to both the parents is duly respected and met by both side of the families in children’s best interests at their hearts.

Mera Kya Kassor Hain (Why is it My Fault) :

In light of child abuse cases are on the rise, GORED Action Foundation is going to launch a rigorous campaign to raise awareness about protecting children in our community. We firmly believe that, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and this is the need of the hour where we need to ensure our SafetyNets are strong, safer and healthier for our children. We will be involving all sections of society to join hands in this campaign so that, our children especially girl children are protected and educated so that they can achieve their full potential in their own right.

Children Online Protection (COP) :

Other than contact crimes against the children, this has been a new phenomenon that, children and youth are subject to online abuse especially in the era of various social media platforms. In order to keep our children and youth safe, GORED Action Foundation is going to partner with the parents, Law enforcement services, Judiciary, Tech companies, corporate and academia so that, we will be able to develop user friendly, fully proofed online protective systems. We are also hoping to build ‘Digital Drugs’ so that, the impact of mobile phones on children and youth is reduced and their participation in family / physical activities enhanced.

GORED Parivar (family) – Global Homes

Under the banner of GORED Parivar, GORED Action Foundation has launched a home stay in Ukhimath, Uttarakhand. This is a ‘women-led business model’ where Anuj is the brother of one business partner’s younger brother who was killed in ‘Himalayan Tsunami’ disaster at Kedarnath in June 2013. Anuj body was never to be found leaving his family yet to bereave his loss. We will be extending our solidarity to such families with the proceedings we will be raising from this initiative.