Areas We Work


GORED Action Foundation is the destination to help identify and propose solutions to solve complex problems related to Social, Health, Economics and Environmental issues. GORED’s research operations manifest in bringing structural and policy changes on issues impacting the lives of communities through evidence based and applied research methodologies. It aims to equip our stakeholders with the knowledge and tools to positively impact the society and most importantly influence policy.

GORED adopts a wide variety of evaluative, investigative and analytical research methods designed to diagnose problems or weaknesses whether organizational, academic, or instructional and help organisations develop practical solutions to address them quickly and efficiently.

Our methods create a simple, practical, repeatable process of iterative learning, evaluation, and improvement that leads to increasingly better results in projects, especially related to education.


We develop innovative models to promote better access and quality education to children in the remote parts of the country. We work towards creating gender neutral spaces in schools where girl children feel safe to study without fear of violence and discrimination. We focus on imbibing values in children, especially boys to respect and value the opposite gender.

We offer career counselling services to high school students and college going youth to help them choose the best career that suits their aspirations, qualifications and experience. We also promote how institutions can be incubators for innovation and development. We will be promoting skilling and up-skilling so that unemployment and underemployment issues are addressed which ensure demographic dividend is of optimum use.

We believe in finding local solutions for global problems like ‘glocal technology which also termed as Jugaad’. We link like-minded Institutions / Centres / Organisations / Agencies / Companies so that we all can learn and develop together.


We develop and execute project prototypes based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) 2030. The core objective of these projects is to integrate the SDGs in models of development in education, skills, environment and economics and ensure positive impact on the communities who are part of the projects. Some core areas/issues that we focus to work include addressing violence against women (VAW), psycho-social needs of children of divorced / separated parents, child abuse, road safety, climate change, cyber safety etc.

Women / Girl Leaders

Women and Girls are centre of our work. GORED Action Foundation firmly believes that, ‘when you educate a woman you educate a generation and when you educate a girl you educate a village’. We invest to promote women / girl leadership in multiple sectors so that they can become role models to many others in their community. We work with women / girls across the spectrum to identify their contribution and bring them into limelight so that, others can learn from them.


GORED Action Foundation offers services to conduct ‘baseline study’ which are essential for developing and executing effective programmes/projects. We adopt methods both quantitative and qualitative such as survey, research, interviews, focus group discussions (FGDs), case studies to conduct the baseline and help agencies in developing an effective programme depending on the gaps.

Impact Assessment

GORED Action Foundation conducts ‘Impact Assessment’ to measure the significance of changes brought and impact about programmes / projects implemented by social development agencies / not-for-profit organisations. We do engage in developing assessment tools to organisations / agencies that guide them in effective implementation of the projects.

We also offer our services to develop quality ‘project proposals’ and conduct mid-term and end-line evaluation of projects.

Social Audit

GORED undertakes social audits of projects / programmes of clients to measure, understand, report and ultimately improve the client’s social and ethical performance. We value the voice of stakeholders and help them enhance local governance, particularly for strengthening accountability and transparency in local communities / bodies. We also engage in ‘Development Audit’ focusing on broader areas including environment and economic issues, such as the efficiency of a project or a programme.